How to update Sendy in five minutes?

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Sendy has just released a new version and it’s time to update your Sendy installation. Whether it’s a minor release or a major release, the process remains same. Here’s how you can do it in five minutes:

1. Download the updated version from Sendy update page. For a minor release, you can simply enter your license key to download the updated version. For a major release, you will need to first upgrade your key for a fee of USD 29.

2. From your existing Sendy installation, backup config.php file (available in /includes/ directory), /uploads/ directory and .htaccess file.

2. Once you have downloaded the updated version, extract the downloaded zip file.

3. From the extracted files, delete the config.php file in /includes/directory.

4. From the extracted files, delete the /uploads/ directory

5. From the extracted files, delete the .htaccess file

6. Transfer the extracted files to your Sendy installation directory (overwrite the files). If you need help with uploading Sendy files, check out our free course Create your own email marketing platform with AWS SES and Sendy.

That’s it. Visit your Sendy URL and you should be presented with the updated version. To know more about our course, click here